Loan features are crucial for savings on overall interest paid and quicker homeownership. As the mortgage market evolves, borrowers can choose from an increasing number of home loan features and facilities. Among the many home loan features the market offers today, here is our list of the most important ones every borrower should be aware of and consider while deciding on a mortgage.

#1 Offset Account

An offset account is connected to your mortgage and reduces the overall interest you pay on your home loan. This is because you pay interest only on the difference between your account savings and your loan amount with an offset account. Let us take an example where you have savings of $10,000 in your offset account and a mortgage sum of $500,000. In this case, with an offset account, you will pay interest only on the difference, i.e., $490,000 instead of $500,000. Using an offset account, you can take three approaches with a lower interest rate.
You can make smaller repayments and add funds back to your monthly budget.
You can continue making the same repayments and pay off your loan faster.
If your lender permits it, you could pay more than your stipulated repayment amount. A lower interest amount coupled with larger repayments will help you close your home loan even quicker than the previous approach.

#2 Redraw Facility

This is a facility wherein you can make additional repayments and withdraw them should the need arise. Let us say you make extra payments of $300 per month. Then, generally speaking, at the end of the year, you would be able to access $3600. There is a caveat, though. Some lenders have a redraw fee associated with withdrawals. Be sure to clearly understand any fees or charges associated with your loan’s redraw facility.

#3 Larger Repayments

Making larger repayments is the most straightforward way to close your loan faster. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a loan that allows you the flexibility to make larger repayments or even plough back large amounts from windfall gains to pay off your loan faster.

#4 Repayment frequency

Standard repayment frequencies are weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Look for a home loan that provides you with the option to change your repayment frequency. The more frequent your repayments, the sooner you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage.

#5 Split Loan

Most fixed loans have a lower rate but not many loan features. On the other hand, variable rate loans have higher rates but more flexibility and features like an offset account and redraw facility. A split loan is an excellent means to make the best of both options. With this feature, you can fix a portion of your loan while leaving the rest at a variable rate. This way, you can benefit from a low fixed interest rate and a variable rate offering features.

#6 Interest-only repayments

Generally, home loan repayments comprise an interest component and a portion of the borrowed amount. An interest-only repayment includes just the interest component and is much lower than a regular repayment. This option is a viable alternative to pausing or deferring repayments and can be exercised during times of financial distress.

#7 Loan portability

This feature allows you to continue with the same mortgage product on a different property. This is a good option for those looking to sell their existing home and buy a new one. With this feature, borrowers can transfer their current loan onto a new property without the hassles of refinancing or closing an existing loan and opting for a new one.
Despite a good understanding of home loan features, consider relying on a mortgage broker’s professional guidance to understand what loan features apply to your circumstances. Mortgage brokers get paid by the lender upon settlement of a loan, and their services are usually free of borrowers. Not only will a broker scope the market and work with you to identify the best loan features suited to your needs, but it will also handle all your loan paperwork should you choose to apply for a mortgage.

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The information is a compilation from various sources for your benefit and should not be relied upon instead of appropriate professional advice. This article is prepared based on general information. It does not consider individual financial objectives or needs and is not financial product advice, and the content is quoted from the Yellow Brick Road Blog.