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Commercial Loans & Assets Finance


With the help of our expert advice and experience in commercial lending, your business can grow.

Is Your Business Looking To Grow?


  • A business needs a good plan to be succeeded and a healthy cash flow to operate.
  • Some businesses may find themselves in challenging situations like market decline and other external factors restricting their operations to make a profit.
  • ASA Mortgage Brokers can find you the right Commercial Loan and Assets Finance solutions to grow your business to your expectations.
Business Loans

Commercial Lending Specialist

ASA Mortgage Brokers provide the best-suited commercial loans and Assets Finance Solutions to suit your business and make the process streamlined to access funds immediately.

Full-Doc Loans

This option is applicable if the business has full financial documents ready for the last two years i.e. Proft & Loss Statements and Balance Sheet with ATO Tax Returns of the company directors.

Lo-Doc Loans

This is the most common approach in commercial lending for most businesses where the full financials are not up-to-date. Most lenders will request an accountant’s letter confirming the annual business income or the last six month’s business statements.

Assets & Equipment Finance

We have a panel of lenders who are specialised in many aspects of financing your business equipment whether it leasing, financing or rental.


There are multiple purposes the business can seek credit in commercial lending such as construction, purchasing, new developments, business expansion, line of credit, and overdraft, etc.

Whether you are a small business owner or self-employed, we can arrange a better deal for your financial need.


If you already have a commercial loan and looking to refinance for a better rate of reducing repayments, ASA Mortgage Brokers commercial lending specialist can assess your financial position to provide better solutions.


ASA Mortgage Brokers aim to streamline the process for you and take over all the complex issues to handle directly with the lender and keep you updated with the application development until the loan settlement. It is our process that enables you to focus on running your business whilst we take care of your loan application.

Guidance & Expertise

ASA Mortgage Brokers can help you prepare your financial documents and provide tips to get ready for a quality loan submission with the recommended lender to get the loan approved without delaying it.

We can provide templates and other tips to get your financial documents the way lenders would like to have them when assessing the application for the rapid outcome of the application.


ASA Mortgage Brokers has a panel of bespoke commercial lenders that cater for every business need when comes to commercial lending. Every scenario is treated case by case and assessed with a logical approach to providing a best-suited solution for the business.

ASA Mortgage Brokers can provide financial solutions for small to medium business and self-employed in the following areas.
– Cashflow business loans
– Commercial lending
– Assets & Equipment finance
– Invoice financing

Your Roadmap To Commercial Loans & Asset Finance

1. Get In Touch

We’ll get in touch to conduct your free commercial loan assessment to check your eligibility for a loan or finance for business assets.

2. Documents Gathered

Choosing to move forward, we’ll gather all the required documents needed for the banks.

3. Loan Assessment

 ASA Mortgage Brokers conduct a complete loan assessment to ensure we can offer you a proposal outlining the best options for you and your business.

4. Get The Best Rate

We work with our lenders to present you with the best options available.

Popular Lenders

With so many possible lenders, it can be difficult to know which is best for your individual circumstances.
That’s where a loan broker comes in, making the process easy.

Why ASA Mortgage Brokers


As a business, you need trusted advice to achieve business goals and continue to be profitable.

ASA Mortgage Brokers have dedicated specialists to assist you with commercial finance solutions to suit your business needs, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

Refinance- Experience


To provide the best advice and identify business financial needs take years of experience and financial knowledge in commercial lending.

It is a skill we specialise in and have practised through our time in the business.

Smooth Process - Refinance

Smooth Process

We get to know you and your business first before we conduct a complete assessment.

This is where we gather all information with a comprehensive checklist to mitigate further delays with the application submission.

We have a robust process with an easy transition to approval and settlement.

Independent - Refinance


As an independent finance broker, we always work with your best interests in mind.

We are committed to providing the best-suited financial solution to suit your needs.

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Client Testimonials

We care about our clients

Excellent service from start to finish. Was very quick to get the best rate on the market and all my calls were either answered or called back within the hour. I used his service for refinancing our properties and I received the best rate. Thanks, Anupa!

Christina Zhang

June 2020

We got good advice and were kept updated throughout the process. He took the stress out of arranging a mortgage and always provided the best option for us. I’m extremely happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend ASA Mortgage Brokers for home buyers.

Adrian Barker

September 2019

The service provided by ASA Mortgage Brokers was excellent. Throughout the process, he has kept us fully up to date with the whole process and ensure that we were advised of any requirements from the lenders.Thank you for helping us to land on our dream home.

Rebecca Cooper

July 2019